When it comes to building a custom log home, it’s important to make sure that the design and functionality of the home suits your needs. We encourage you to browse our galleries to get ideas and inspiration. Feel free to mix and match styles and take elements that you like from each home. We can work with you to custom design a log home plan that is uniquely you. If you already have a log home plan from another designer we can work with that as well. If you don’t find any designs that meet your exact needs our design team can work directly with you to design your home.

To help you with the design process we have crafted a blog post that walks you through the “7 Steps For Designing the Perfect Custom Home”. As always, we are here to help answer your questions and assist you through the process: feel free to contact us.


Full scribe log homes are one of the oldest styles of log homes. Full scribe homes have logs stacked horizontally one on top of another to form a wall. Log home cabins are traditionally built in this fashion as the sturdy logs allow for extra protection against harsh weather. There are no limitations when it comes to this style of log home and our plans include designs from 800 square feet and up. View the entire full scribe log home plan gallery.


If you are looking for design flexibility, a Timber Frame log home may be perfect for you. Similar to post and beam log homes, you are able to blend together modern and traditional designs to create a custom home that meets you and your family’s needs. Timber Frame plans allow you to easily combine multiple concepts and functionality while still keeping the traditional log wood feel. Although typically a large style home, we have timber frame home plans from 800 square feet and up.View the entire timber frame home plan gallery.


Post and Beam custom log homes are one of the most popular designs due to the flexibility these designs allow. With post and beam log homes, you’re able to mix modern design with the rustic and highlight work of logs and timber. Conventional framing, plumbing and wiring are also found in this style. The exterior walls are typically covered with timber however this design is really flexible. View our post and beam log home plans gallery for a range of designs from 900 square feet and up. View our post and beam log home plans gallery for a range of designs from 900 square feet and up.


We are excited to hear that you’re looking to build a custom log home. If you found a design or maybe a few that interest you, that’s excellent! If you aren’t quite sure what you want yet and you have a lot of ideas, no problem, we can help you out. Check out this page to learn more about what’s included in our design packages.