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Post and Beam custom log homes are one of the most popular designs due to the flexibility these designs allow. With post and beam log homes, you’re able to mix modern design with the rustic and highlight work of logs and timber. Conventional framing, plumbing and wiring are also found in this style. The exterior walls are typically covered with timber however this design is really flexible. View our post and beam log home plans gallery for a range of designs from 900 square feet and up.

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Bonnyville – 6,803 sq ft.

Bonnyville Basement
Bonnyville First Floor
Bonnyville Second Floor
Bonnyville Tower

Garibaldi – 4312 sq ft.

Garibaldi First Floor
Garibaldi Second Floor

Golden Acres – 5,596 sq ft.

Golden Acres Basement
Golden Acres First Floor
Golden Acres Second Floor

Benvenuto – 3,848 sq ft.

Benvenuto Basement
Benvenuto First Floor

Rockwell – 7834 sq ft.

Rockwell First Floor
Rockwell Second Floor

Longhorn – 6736 sq ft.

Longhorn First Floor
Longhorn Second Floor

Nass Valley Lodge – 3778 sq ft.

Nass Valley Lodge First Floor
Nass Valley Lodge 2nd Floor

Nicola Lake – 3040 sq ft.

Nicola Lake First Floor
Nicola Lake Main Floor

The Jefferson – 980 sq ft.

The Jefferson Floor Plan

Ruby Lake – 1645 sq ft.

Ruby Lake First Floor
Ruby Lake Second Floor

Cortes – 4110 sq ft.

Cortes First Floor
Cortes Second Floor

Shoal Lookout – 3040 sq ft.

Shoal Lookout First Floor
Shoal Lookout Second Floor

Pine Mountain – 2712 sq ft.

Pine Mountain First Floor
Pine Mountain Second Floor

Taylor Bay – 2717 sq ft.

Taylor Bay First Floor
Taylor Bay Second Floor

Legacy Estates – 1,982 sq. ft.

Legacy Estates First Floor
Legacy Estates Second Floor

Munger – 2,000 sq. ft.

Munger Basement
Munger First Floor
Munger Second Floor

Bull River – 4,257 sq. ft.

Bull River Basement
Bull River First Floor
Bull River Second Floor

The Arboretum – 1,905 sq. ft.

The Arboretum First Floor
The Arboretum Second Floor

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