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Full Scribe Log Home

What is a full scribe home?

A full scribe log home is a traditional log style home where the logs are stacked together horizontally to form the walls. Each log has a hand-cut groove cut into its underside so it can be fit and secured to the log below. Full scribe log homes offer amazing energy-efficient thermal characteristics while the physical mass can withstand anything Mother Nature can throw at it.

There are no real limitations when it comes to building a full scribe log home. We have built log homes ranging in size from 800 square feet to well over 10,000 square feet. We will help to ensure that your new house is designed in a fashion that can be built efficiently as well as effectively.

Depending on the location of your home, we may also recommend certain logs for the construction. If you are located in a very damp environment or one that is known for wood-boring insects, we would recommend western red cedar logs, for example.

When full scribe log homes are gasketed properly and hand-fit together with “over-scribed” notches, they are considered to be very energy efficient.

BC Home Builders Custom Built Full Scribe Log Home
Full Scribe Log Home kitchen and Dinning area.
BC Home Builders Custom Built Full Scribe Log Home

Advantages of Full Scribe Log Homes

  • The strong structure can withstand almost anything that Mother Nature can throw at it.

  • Full scribe log homes can be reassembled very quickly on your foundation since all the logs have already been pre-fit in our log yard prior to shipping.

  • Little framing is required for a custom full scribe log home. Because all exterior and some interior walls are made solely of logs, there will be less need of traditional framed 2×6 walls.

  • Becuase the log walls are solid and considered the finished product, there is no need for siding, insulation or drywall.

  • Building a full scribe log home can take anywhere from 1 – 4 months, depending on the design.

  • Re-assembly of a full scribe log home can take 1 – 4 days.

How Much Does a Full Scribe Log Home Cost?

The average price of a full scribe log shell tends to be more expensive than a timber frame and post and beam log shells with an average cost of $90 Cad – $130 CAD per square foot.

As a general rule, the log work for a full scribe log shell is approximately 1/3 of the overall cost to build and is the most expensive of the three types due to the labor and complexity of the build.

On September 13th 2008, Hurricane Ike tore through our hometown of Santa Fe Texas.  The 110 mph winds leveled our property blowing over 78 trees, 3 power poles and knocking out power and telephone for 13 days!  Our log house built by Artisan, took it like a battleship, there was zero damage to our house and our post and beam garage.  Thank you Artisan for building us an indestructible house and a safe haven for our family.

The Sandford Family, Santa Fe Texas, Family Home

The guys at Artisan Logs Homes were absolutely fantastic to work with. Cam and I felt cared about and listened to from beginning to end of our project. We have been very impressed with the craftsmanship and artistry of our little log post and beam home! Everything from the carving treatment on the logs, to the precision of the mortise and tenon joinery, to the finer details of our aesthetic needs. We wanted a smaller house with a completely open floor plan, so feature details were very important. The guys at Artisan built a very cool staircase with beautiful feature railings that answered the aesthetic need perfectly! The most common statement that people make about our little house is that it is a piece of art.

Great Big Thank You to Artisan Log Homes!

Cam and Joia Jeanson

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