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Over the last 49 years we have dedicated ourselves to not only building log homes but teaching people everything we know about log homes. We realize that while each home we build is unique and special, many of the questions people have when deciding to build their dream home are the same.

We found that in order to build the right home for you, the majority of people need answers to the same core questions. So we have outlined the most common questions we get asked about building a log home for you below.

If you are looking for more specific answers to your questions when it comes to building a log home, join us for a free webinar “Building a Custom Log and Timber Home from Start to Finish”. Our next live session is scheduled for fall 2023.

1. How much do log homes cost?

Let’s compare the initial costs to build a full scribe log home, timber frame and post and beam.

2. What are the Differences between a Full Scribe Log Home, Post & Beam, Timber Frame and Hybrid log home?

A detailed comparison of the three main styles of log home types including the pros and cons of each. If you would like general pricing for each you can find that here.

3. What are the best logs for building my log home?

We help you understand what types of wood are our preferred choices, and you will find a more detailed description of each type.

4. What is a building permit and do you need one?

We build homes all around the world. This article helps you understand in most countries when you need a building permit and what documentation is required.

5. Advantages of Buying Your Log Home in Canada.

Are you exploring options for building a new log home or cabin? In this article we walk through the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing your log home in Canada including, the exchange rate, importing and exporting and so much more.

6. Your Check-list for building a custom log and timber home

This step-by-step checklist for everything you need to know as you build your custom log home.

7. How are log homes imported and exported?

We break down some of the considerations for log home exporting processes and requirements for different locations.

8. Does Artisan offer turnkey log and timber homes?

An overview of what is included in Artisan’s standard packages.

9. Receiving a quote for your Custom Log Home

We look at the key questions that your builder will want to know before preparing a quote for you.

10. What is the BC Home Builder?

If you live in British Columbia you will want to be familiar with the new BC owner builder regulations that are now in effect.


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The Learning Hub is essentially a roadmap designed to make it easy for you to navigate the core questions when building your home. For more resources and answers to common questions you can visit our blog or contact us directly with your question!

Enjoy the website and have fun learning!

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