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If you are looking for design flexibility, a Timber Frame log home may be perfect for you. Similar to post and beam log homes, you are able to blend together modern and traditional designs to create a custom home that meets you and your family’s needs. Timber Frame plans allow you to easily combine multiple concepts and functionality while still keeping the traditional log wood feel. Although typically a large style home, we have timber frame home plans from 800 square feet and up. If you find a design and plan you like we can help you customize it to meet your needs. Contact us with the plan(s) details and what your requirements are.

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Uplands – 7266 sq ft.

Uplands First Floor
Uplands Second Floor

Valley Drive – 5436 sq ft.

Valley Drive First Floor
Valley Drive Second Floor

Madeira Park – 4034 sq ft.

Madeira Park First Floor
Madeira Park Loft

Davis Bay – 3958 sq ft.

Davis Bay First Floor
Davis Bay Loft

Sundance – 3878 sq ft.

Sundance First Floor
Sundance Second Floor

St. Olaf – 2583 sq ft.

St. Olaf First Floor
St. Olaf Second Floor

Wild Cherry – 1662 sq ft.

Wild Cherry Floor Plan

McNeil – 1,544 sq. ft.

McNeil Basement
McNeil First Floor

Timber Frame Cabin Kit

Timber Frame Cabin Kit Floor Plan

Hartman – 5,515 sq ft.

Hartman Basement
Hartman First Floor
Hartman Second Floor

Silverhill – 1,515 sq ft.

Silverhill First Floor

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