You have chosen to build a custom home because of the endless options to personalize it, but which features will your make your budget go the farthest? If you select the right home upgrades, you can add to your lifestyle while you live in the home and add real value when you decide to sell. As you create your home’s design, consider splurging on these options that can provide a high return on your investment.

Energy Efficiency

A home is a long term investment so it’s important to consider the property’s lifetime value as you build. Home buyers are asking more often for a home’s past utility bills and you want yours to impress them if you ever decide to sell. The good news is that many log properties are already built to be exceptionally well insulated. Adding additional energy saving features, such as tankless hot water heaters and insulated windows, will keep you comfortable all year round, lower your heating/cooling costs, and boost your property value in the long run.

Also, you have the advantage of building from scratch with a custom home. Energy efficiency upgrades are easier to incorporate into the design of a new home and can cost more if you try to add them after completion. You have the opportunity when building a custom home to include energy efficient features right from the start, which is always a better value than a retrofit after completion.

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Entryways over Landscaping

Doors can make a noticeable difference to a home’s style and its energy efficiency. In terms of curb appeal, a lovely front door can make a strong first impression with home buyers. Also, garage, basement, and other exterior doors can be a major culprit for energy loss since they are the transition point between indoors and out. Therefore, select a stylish front door that catches attention and ensure you splurge on energy saving, well insulated options for all other entry points.

Some custom homeowners include extensive landscaping in their budgets. While a nice yard can make a statement from the curb, it has less of an impact on a home’s sale price. This is because making a yard look beautiful can be completed relatively quickly for a lower cost. Simply keep lawns and walkways nicely trimmed and add some hanging flower baskets to create a nice outdoor ambiance.

Counters over Cabinets

Solid marble, granite, or wooden countertops are classic features that home buyers demand and that’s why they hold their value. These materials are long lasting if they are well cared for, making them as durable as they are beautiful. Also, selecting natural countertop materials will blend nicely into the organic style of your custom log home.
Cabinets on the other hand are a major part of any kitchen or bathroom, but their look can be quickly and easily updated at anytime. For a small investment at a home store, or even a simple coat of paint, you can freshen them up to match the latest decor trends. Thus, focus your splurge on countertops instead to add a more lasting value to your home.


Like natural stone counters, wood and stone tile flooring are a major selling feature in homes. These floors are resistant to damage and are a timeless trend in decor. They simply match every style. Depending on the look you’d like for your custom home, you can create a warm comfortable feeling with rich, dark chestnut brown floors or slate tiles.  Alternatively, you can brighten and expand a room using light oak or white marble.

Extra Bathroom

If you’re not sure whether to include an additional full bathroom in your home’s design, you may want to consider that it can add substantial value to your property. An extra bathroom is not only appealing to homebuyers who see its usefulness for guests, it’s also viewed as full room in a house.
Whereas storage space is sometimes out of sight and out of mind. Having a storage area is always a good idea but instead of allocating an entire room or closet, get creative and see if it can be added in unused spaces, like under staircases and in the attic.

Deck Addition

Creating an outdoor living area adds space to your home. It’s essentially like adding an additional room but costs less to build and you don’t have to heat it. A large deck allows you to host guests for outdoor dinners, gives children a place to play, and can act as a beautiful extension of your log home.
If you splurge on long lasting materials like treated wood, your investment in the perfect patio can last as long as you stay in your home and adds value if you ever decide to sell.

Building a custom home allows you to incorporate upgrades as you build. By selecting ones that add to your property value, you can make your budget go farther in the long term and enjoy your space more while you live there.

If you have any questions about building a custom home or upgrades that can add value to your property, please feel free to contact us.