How Are Log Homes Insulated?

Log House gasket 1This may not come as a surprise but not every log home is built the same. So to ensure you home is well insulated there are some key things you will want to talk about as your home is being built.

The timber for your log home should be carefully chosen for durability, aesthetics, and R-Value (resistance to heat flow). The higher the R-Value is, the better insulating the wood. Softwoods like cedar, pine and fir provide better insulation than hardwood. Logs are able to store heat throughout the day and release it through the cooler night, requiring less energy to heat your home and creating a very warm and cozy feeling at night. The heat storage quality of log walls creates a fluctuating R-Value, though it is generally a little lower on average than in traditionally built walls, log homes can provide better insulation in some climates than your conventionally framed home.

We, at Artisan Custom Log Homes, design and build several different types of log houses with varying levels of insulating qualities.

  • Full Scribe Home
  • Post & Beam Home
  • Timber Frame Home
  • Hybrid Log Home

How are full scribe log homes insulated?

Full scribe homes can take anything Mother Nature can dish out, and are very strong—usually constructed solely from logs stacked horizontally creating that traditional log home look. Besides some internal and gable framed walls, they do not require siding, conventional insulation or drywall, but the logs are carefully hand-picked and scribed for a tight fit and can be adjusted over time to ensure you have a snug and warm log home. All horizontally stacked log walls and corners are insulated individually with a specially designed closed cell gasket material ensuring a wind and water proof seal.

How are post & beam log homes insulated?

Post & Beam homes are very energy efficient, blending the full scribe look with vertical support beams infilled with framed walls, this allowing for added insulation and an added R-Value for those colder climates. Posts are grooved for installation of siding for a clean look and to help prevent any sort of wind penetration. We might recommend a post & beam home for areas that have stricter energy codes.

How are timber frame log homes insulated?

Timber Frame and Hybrid Log homes are similar to post & beam but the timbers are cut in square profile rather than round. The logs are gasketed ensuring a tight-fitting seal. Settling of the wood does not happen, and gaps and leaks are less of a concern. Siding can be added for extra protection. These homes provide a flexible option, combining the timber frame construction with a variety of design choices. You can select building materials, and there are many possibilities when it comes to how you insulate and finish your home.

Artisan Custom Log Homes makes sure the logs for your home are air dried and seasoned before construction to ensure the snuggest fit. We provide expert advice on maintaining your log house through the years to make sure it remains a warm, cozy place to call home.