As you look into building a log home, you’ll see some constructed from log home kits while others are custom builds. However, you might not be able to tell which is which from the photos alone. Both construction styles create beautiful, personalized properties but there are differences in the time it takes to build them, the design freedom, and their budgeted costs.
Log home kits allow you to select from a wide selection of pre-designed rooms and styles for your home, including vaulted ceilings and open concept kitchens. Builders then deliver the home in pre-assembled sections that you can easily construct yourself or with a builder.

This is a great option for those who want the experience of building a log home without the time, design, and other costs involved in a completely custom built home.

Custom built log homes can be designed entirely from scratch. You, your architect, and your engineering team have complete freedom with every detail. All building materials are cut and selected specifically for your home to be constructed by a builder on site. This is the best option for those who want to be more hands-on with the project, who need more design flexibility, and who have more space in their time and budget.

To help you decide which option is best for you, here are in-depth overviews of the time, budget, and building differences between log home kits and custom built homes.

Log Home Kit Overview

Building Time

Log home kits are easy and fast to design. You look at a variety of styles available and select those which best fit your vision. You simply need to mix and match the sections to make your log home, your own.
When building a home from a kit, the sections are pre-assembled prior to delivery. Thus, you don’t have to wait for the raw materials to be cut and the sections can be assembled quickly on site.

For instance, our average log home takes about three days to assemble and another day to install the roofing. This means that it can be completed and weather tight within a week!

Log Home Kit Costs

Log home kits take less time in design, labour, and material costs. Your architect and engineer need little input, as the parts of the home itself have already been constructed and their structural integrity and design pre-approved.
Building materials for a log home kit are cut and assembled in advance, which decreases the time needed by the log yard and during the build itself. Time is major factor in why log home kits are a great way to build a stunning log home at a lesser cost.

Personalizing A Kit Home

You may not know it from the name but log home kits allow you to select between a large selection of home styles. For instance, our most popular designs include open concept kitchens and vaulted ceilings. You may actually need a bit more time to decide between your favourite designs.
Unless you have a very specific vision for your home in mind, you’ll likely be able to find a log home kit that fits your needs, wants, and personal taste.
Note: Log home kits are often confused with modular or prefab homes. The big difference between them is in the degree of customization available. With a log home kit, there are many more options for personalizing the style and structure of a property than with other pre-assembled homes types.


You log home kit will be pre-assembled at the log yard in segments and delivered to the site. After it arrives, the sections will be connected and joined together to complete your home.

If you are a “do-it-yourselfer,” our log home kits are very user-friendly. We will have pre-cut all your window and door openings, your siding slots and drywall slots, and include a comprehensive “how-to” guide so you can finish your log home properly. You shouldn’t even have to bring a chainsaw to the site to build it!

Custom Built Log Home Overview

Building Time

Custom homes require more time upfront for you to envision, create, and have your home design approved with your architect and engineer team.
The raw materials, including logs and beams, must be custom cut and the entire home assembled in the log yard before being dismantled and shipped to you. When it comes to building, all parts of a custom home are typically constructed on site from scratch. This takes longer but is the best option if you have a specific vision for your home and more flexibility in your building timeline.

Custom Build Cost

As mentioned above, custom homes require more time from your design and building team to layout, ensure structural integrity, and build the home piece by piece. This makes the labour costs higher than with a pre-assembled log home kit.
Also, since the materials used need to be custom cut and purchased specifically for your home, the material costs will be higher.

Personalization Your Custom Home

Custom built homes leave the design completely up to you, your architect, and engineer. It’s your chance to build your own unique dream home!
Alone or with a designer, you are able to pick every element of your home’s style and customize it exactly to your liking. The only confines you’ll face are the laws of physics, building codes, and your budget.


We first build your entire custom home in the log yard. That way, we ensure sure all of the raw materials needed are present, cut, and that the design is perfect. Then, we take it down and ship it to your location piece by piece, placing sections of your home into containers so it’s most efficiently assembled on-site.

Whether the home of your dreams comes from a log home kit or is a custom build simply depends on your budget, timing, and the degree of personalization you’re seeking. No one option is better than the other so have some fun and see where your vision takes you.
If you have any questions about our turn key log home kits or custom log home projects, please contact us.