Your log cabin has so much charm and the right decor can bring out its best features. From the moment you step out of your car until you settle indoors, you can create that warm woodsy-chic feeling that attracted you to the style in the first place.

Consider these 10 decor ideas that can help to make a log cabin feel even more special indoors and outdoors.

  1. Fancy faucets
    Whether you choose charming antique or shining steel faucets, these small touches get noticed because they are used all of the time. You want to select a style that matches the finishings in your bathroom or kitchen. For example, if you have brushed steel appliances, select a more modern metallic faucet.
  2. Modern lighting
    Log cabins are naturally beautiful and a great way to make their best features shine is by adding hyper-modern lighting for contrast. Install geometric shaped chandeliers or polished steel sconces for a quick and easy decor upgrade that stands out.
  3. Artful Antiques
    Log cabins may be the inspiration behind the rustic-chic home trend. Recently, designers have been repurposing old gardening tools, typewriters, and toys as artistic decor. Hang a few as art on a wall to add interest to a space. These decor touches can be useful as well. For instance, you can select antique iron rods to hold curtains or incandescent light bulbs to illuminate your dining area.
  4. Weave in natural materials
    Continue the organic style of your log cabin with wool and cotton rugs, wall hangings, and throw blankets. You can bring a peaceful feeling to a space with neutral undyed tones or opt for pops of colour by finding a large woven art print for an empty wall or floor.
  5. Solid rocks
    Add another element to your feng shui at home with stone feature walls. Extend the slate or brick beyond your fireplace mantle to fill the entire side of a room. In bathing areas, raw stone showers and sink basins naturally compliment the wood and water of the log cabin around them.
  6. Firepits and chimineas
    Fireplaces inside log cabins are a natural match so why not continue that cozy ambiance outside? Firepits and chimineas (clay freestanding fireplaces) are easy to install and allow you to make use of your outdoor space beyond the summer season.
  7. Water features
    Your log cabin blends into the environment with its wooden beams, adding water elements can bring that organic feeling to life. An easy addition is a decorative bird bath that will attract wildlife and music to your yard. Or, you can install a fountain or create a stream to allow the tranquility of flowing water to surround your home.
  8. Pergolas
    These canopies provide shade in the summer and help to define an outdoor living area. Extend your log cabin’s charm by building one of these chic wooden structures over your patio. For an added natural effect, you can grow vines along the beams and watch them flower in the springtime.
  9. Hanging lanterns
    Light the way from the driveway into your charming abode with the magical look of lanterns. Use them to brighten walkways and hang them on your patio for a more intimate ambiance at parties. Depending on your personal taste, there are string lights, Moroccan style lanterns, and even solar options available.
  10. Handcrafted address plaques
    Artisans have been crafting, carving, and welding personalized signs for centuries. Some homeowners place an address plaque at the end of their driveway and others right on the home itself. Whether you select a carved wood sign to match your log cabin or a welded metal one that contrasts with it, you can make finding your home a beautiful experience right from the roadside.

When you start with a naturally beautiful log cabin, it’s easy to create enchanting spaces inside and out. A little bit of decor can compliment and contrast with the organic structure and bring out your own personal style.

If you’re looking for log cabin design examples or inspiration for building your own log or timber framed home you can visit our plans page or give us a call.