2016 Log Home and Timber Frame Colors and Trends

As we say goodbye to 2015 and usher in 2016, we start to hear about some of the new trends, colors and styles for the upcoming year. According to industry experts, 2016 will be the year for more neutral colors and natural design.Read more

11 Tiny House Building Tips and Hacks

Over the last few years Tiny Homes have become a big buzz. For many single and first-time homebuyers a tiny space makes sense. In parts of British Columbia where the cost of purchasing property requires a small fortune, tiny homes can be a great alternative. Read more

What is the difference between prefab and a custom log homes

If you have ever driven by a log yard you may have seen a number of timber structures being built on site. Because of this notation that log homes are built on site and then taken down and shipped to their destination they often get confused as being prefab homes.Read more

Why are log homes built in a log yard?

It’s a pretty amazing site to drive by a log yard and see some of the massive timbers on site and watch as crews of craftsmen build beautiful custom log homes.

Recently, we were asked why we build everything in our log yard and not at the future location of the home. Some custom log builders will build the entire project on-site but it isn’t very common for a few reasons.Read more

Worm Gear Screw Jacks

This year we were faced with the opportunity of mounting a number of screw jacks (settling jacks) on top of all the vertical posts in a full scribe Cedar log home that is destined for California. Our clients had asked us to make them as low profile and least visible as possible. All the posts in this specific project have large flared (fluted) character ends that make it impractical to have screw jacks at the bottom which would allow them settle through the floor system into a space below.Read more

Can You Afford to Build a Log Home?

We’ve noticed that over the last few months a number of people have commented on some of our log home designs saying “we wish we could afford this”. After speaking with them they realized that building a log home may not be as expensive as they at first thought. Just like anything else you spend money on, you can go all out and build a multi-million dollar home; but you can also build a log or Timber Frame home for a similar cost of a conventional home.

Read more

5 Questions When Buying Raw Land to Build On

When it comes to building your dream home, more often than not you will be buying a new piece of raw land to build on. In some cases purchasing the raw land can be more stressful than the process of building your log home. So to help you out, here are 5 things to consider when looking to purchase raw land for building a log home or cabin.Read more

What is a ridgepole?

A ridgepole is the horizontal log beam located at the highest peak of a log or timber home. This is the main beam that holds up the roof of the house and is typically the heaviest, the largest and the longest log. The rafters attach to this pole which crowns the home.Read more

Top 5 DIY Home Builder Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

So you’re thinking about building your own dream home or cabin yourself! Every year we talk to a handful of people who want to build their home themselves and ask us for a bit of advice. We love seeing people take on these projects and the pride that comes with building it; however, we have also seen the other side—Projects that go way off-budget and over time and dreams that quickly get shattered and never completed. So we want to help you avoid those pitfalls and discuss some of the problems and considerations you may want to contemplate before taking on this project.Read more

How to Choose the Right Log Home Design

So you are ready to start the design process for your dream home. This is an exciting step and a lot of fun. It can also be very whelming with so many different ideas, styles and concepts you can get pulled in a million different ways. Although many ideas look good in a magazine or online they may not be practical for everyday life. It’s important to spend some serious time considering the type of space and features you want, but also thinking about the type of lifestyle you are going to have. So to help you out we have listed the 7 key steps to help you with the perfect log home design!Read more