How To Repair Decaying Logs in your Log Home


Are you looking at purchasing an older log home or does your current one have some rot and decay issues? No need to worry! The first thing to do is to figure out why the rot is present and fix that problem immediately to save yourself from future frustration.Read more

Protecting your log and timber home from dry rot

If you look after your log home, it can last for years and years. One of the most common problems that occurs with timber homes is dry rot.  If you live in an area with rain, wind or snow, like most of us do, it’s important to inspect your house every year and look for signs of dry rot and know how to treat it. Read more

2016 Log Home and Timber Frame Colors and Trends

As we say goodbye to 2015 and usher in 2016, we start to hear about some of the new trends, colors and styles for the upcoming year. According to industry experts, 2016 will be the year for more neutral colors and natural design.Read more

Log Structures and Cracked Logs

If you have ever stayed in an older log cabin, especially one out in a remote location, you probably noticed a few cracks in the wood. When you build a log home or cabin a few cracks will appear in the wood over the first few years. We are often asked if these cracks are a concern and this article will answer that question.

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Getting Your Log Home Ready For Winter



Whether you live in a wet winter climate or a cold and snow blanketed one, your log home needs to be ready for the arrival and duration of old man winter. Proper maintenance is key to the upkeep of your home and will help ensure that your home doesn’t start to create rot, water leaks and other conditions that can affect the life of your home.Read more

Top 5 DIY Home Builder Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

So you’re thinking about building your own dream home or cabin yourself! Every year we talk to a handful of people who want to build their home themselves and ask us for a bit of advice. We love seeing people take on these projects and the pride that comes with building it; however, we have also seen the other side—Projects that go way off-budget and over time and dreams that quickly get shattered and never completed. So we want to help you avoid those pitfalls and discuss some of the problems and considerations you may want to contemplate before taking on this project.Read more

How does a log home retain the heat?

How does a log home retain the heat?

Have you ever wondered how a log home retains the heat? This article will share with you the ABC’s of building a warm and cozy log home.

Logs are one of the best types of insulation for a home. They have their own energy efficient insulating factor. How it works is the timbers will absorb the warm air throughout the day and release it as the night gets cooler. This is similar to how rock walls retain and release heat as well. This helps to keep your home at a cooler temperature during the day and warmer at night. We’ve written an article breaking down how log homes are insulated.

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4 Steps To Refinishing Your Log Home

“We have an older log home that needs refinishing, where do we start? This is a great question and one we are often asked after someone purchases an older log home or a few years after building a new log home. There are many different options when it comes to refinishing your log home, and before you begin you need to consider how much work you want to put into the restoration. You can do a quick slap-on finish so it looks nice for the family reunion, or you can put in some elbow grease and time to give your log Read more