Getting Your Log Home Ready For Winter

Whether you live in a wet winter climate or a cold and snow blanketed one, your log home needs to be ready for old man winter. Maintenance is key to the upkeep of your home and will help ensure that your home doesn’t start to create rot, water leaks and other conditions that can affect your home. There are many things that you can do to help ensure the longevity but here are our top 3 ways to get ready for winter that don’t take a huge amount of time but can save you in the long run.

#1 Insulate windows and patio doors:

Nothing is worse than feeling a constant draft in your home or cranking up the heat to stay warm, only to have it leak outside. To do a simple check for drafts around windows and doors you can do a smoke test using an incense stick. Close all doors and windows and turn on the bathroom fan. Run the incense stick around the window and if the smoke wavers, there is a leak. Check with your local building supply store for advice on repairing this problem.

If you have older windows that are single or double pained you may want to put window plastic over them to help prevent a draft. Having plastic over your windows may not be as aesthetically appealing but it will save you on your heating bill over the winter and keep your home warm.

#2 Clean gutters:

Throughout the summer and fall leaves and twigs fall onto your roof and can fill your gutters which can cause the water to not flow properly. Take a few minutes one afternoon to check your gutters, clear all debris and make sure that water can flow and drain easily. Once you clean the debris you can check the joints and downspouts for cracks or holes. If the drain pipe is not connected to an underground drain, make sure it is running away from your home and not pointed toward your foundation. If the water is flowing towards your house contact a local roofing company to fix it or else over time the water can lead to rot and decay.

If you don’t have the time to look after this contact a local garden and maintenance company and they can help maintain it for a minimal fee.

#3 Check your heating system:

Whatever heating system you have in your home, be sure to check with the manufacturer’s recommendation on maintenance. Every company has a recommended checklist and these should be followed to ensure the safe and efficient running of your heat source. If you have an older model furnace, a technician can tell you if it is running efficient or if it is time to consider purchasing a newer more energy efficient model; some companies offer furnaces that run 90% plus in efficiency.

Following these few simple steps may only take a few hours to complete but can save your wallet from having to pay for added maintenance and restoration costs in the future.

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