It’s a pretty amazing site to drive by a log yard and see some of the massive timbers on site and watch as crews of craftsmen build beautiful custom log homes.

Recently, we were asked why we build everything in our log yard and not at the future location of the home. Some custom log builders will build the entire project on-site but it isn’t very common for a few reasons.


There are a number of tools and machines required to build a custom log home including cranes, peelers and mills. Like Artisan, many custom builders have most of these items already in their log yard. To pack all the equipment up and ship it, or try and source it for each location, would be extremely costly and time-consuming and not beneficial to the client. Having a central location to prepare all of the timber is more economical.


The process of building a log home can take anywhere from one to three months to complete. Hiring a crew to go on location for that amount of time, would again, quickly become costly. Also, depending on the time of year and species of wood, we may need to dry the wood which can take even more time.

Quality Control

If you have ever built anything, you know that at some point something will go wrong and need correcting. The same goes for building a log home. Throughout the process we sometimes will find that a log twisted, split or was cut too short and we will need to make adjustments. When we are working at the log yard and these things happen it’s a much easier fix because we have other logs available, expertise on hand, and more resources available to ensure your project gets back on track.

Having your log home assembled first at a log yard, disassembled, and then shipped to your location to be re-assembled is the best way to ensure your dream home is built with the least amount of headaches and cost to you.

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