Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with numerous clients from around the world. Regardless of whether they were building a log cabin, log home, timber frame, post-and-beam or a hybrid, they all seemed to love the same qualities that each home offered.

If you are considering building a log home or cabin here are some of the highlights we hear from clients that may entice you.

The Grandness

Exposed ridgepoles and angled trusses throughout the home allow for grand entrances and vaulted ceilings. Many clients love the wow factor that these features create in the home.

The Warmth

There is a feeling about a log home that is always warm, homey and inviting. Wood has something called “thermal mass,” a natural property in the logs that helps keep temperatures inside the home comfortable in all seasons. Log walls are able to collect and store the sun’s energy during the day, then radiate it back into the home in the evening.

The Character

Each log home has a personality. From straight and narrow full scribe cabins, to flared butt and funky wood post-and-beam homes, each home can tell a story. Because each log is handpicked and selected for the home, you can determine the type of character you want in the home and where. Traditional homes will use the same type of materials for every home; but with timber homes, you can pick the type of character you want to have shine through.


In a society where everything is automated, log home and log cabin building is still heavily handcrafted. Artisan picks, peels, and cuts each of the logs used in our structures by hand. We also go over each log, adding little details or fine tuning knots within the wood. Because everything is handcrafted it also allows us to create “add-ons” like custom staircases, grand entrances, benches, and unique work by craftsmen.

Clients love this meticulous attention to detail with each log because it makes every inch of their home unique and personal to them.

Long Lasting

Many log homes and log cabins are built in areas that experience weather extremes. In the case of cabins, they can sometimes go extended periods of time with no one living in them and be hit by tremendous rain, snow and wind. Yet, when Mother Nature’s extreme weather settles, the structure is still standing tall. There are numerous wooden structures throughout North America and Europe that are hundreds or even thousands of years old and they are still in perfect condition.

There are many benefits to owning a log home or cabin and for some people the choice to build is very personal. It could be that they grew up in a log home, enjoy the feeling of being close to nature, or have always dreamed of building their own home.

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