One of the things that we enjoy most about building log homes is the amazing people we get to meet around the world. British Columbia (BC) is home to some of the world’s best log home builders and is often a first choice for many families looking to build a custom home. The advantages of BC log home builders include the natural resources we have to work with and the skilled craftsmen that we have on our team.

We know that you can find great log home builders anywhere in the world but here are some of the advantages to choosing BC builders.

Quality of Lumber

BC is home to some of the highest quality wood species including fir, pine, spruce and cedar. With a variety of log species to choose from, homeowners are able to find the right species of wood that is best for their project.

BC supports a vast amount of industries that rely on timber. From logging and farming to construction and furniture building, from traditional carving and arts to pulp and paper, the forests play a huge role in the BC culture and economy. For this and many other reasons, BC has regulations in place to help ensure that future generations continue to have a wide selection of timber—both new and old growth.

Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar is found primarily on the Pacific West Coast of British Columbia, and is considered the “official” tree of British Columbia. Western red cedar can help you achieve any style for your home from natural to rustic and simple to contemporary, making it one of the most desired types of timber.

Western red cedar has naturally occurring extractives that are toxic to decay-causing fungi which help the wood be resistant to moisture, wood rot, termites and decay, ensuring the longevity of your home.

The cinnamon-red and deep amber color tones give the wood a warm and cozy feeling. We tend to use this species of wood also because of the unique characteristics the flared butts of the wood provide, giving it that “artisan” feel.

Transportation Access

BC has a great transportation advantage, especially for builders located in the Lower Mainland. Sometimes transporting a log home can be a costly and time-consuming process. BC has easy accessibility to roads, rail and water, allowing multiple transportation options for logs and timber structures.

Growing Industry

We are proud to be part of a number of organizations including BC Wood, International Log Builders Association, BC Log and Timber Association and many more. These associations provide a great opportunity for log home builders to learn and connect with one another. We find better ways to build and design and work together to protect our environment. By collaborating with other BC builders and associations we can ensure that log home building has a sustainable future.

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