Did you know that Artisan Log Homes offers complete log home kits? While some of our customers look to Artisan Log Homes to create a custom log home, many of our clients are looking for a solution that is simple, affordable and can be completed in a short amount of time.

Why might a log home kit from Artisan Log Homes be a good solution for your needs?

Quite often, Artisan Log Homes of BC will be asked to work with clients in more remote areas of the country. While our log homes are perfectly suited to these environments and are a beautiful addition to the local environs, construction windows can be short, with weather and logistical concerns calling for a quick, efficient construction process. Due to the short time frame, it may not always be logistically possible to complete projects in the time required.  To address this, Artisan Log Homes provides log home kits that allow us build and assemble your new log home quickly and easily from one of our pre-designed packages. At the same time, we offer you framed wall and floor packages, roof framing panels, windows and doors and even siding and soffit materials to make the decision making and building of your log home seamless and efficient. Our skilled crew will stay on site and complete the roof framing, floor framing and wall framing of your log house, install the windows and doors and have it ready for the metal roof, wiring, plumbing and electrical to begin.  We will also meet with the local tradesman to discuss their role in completing your log house efficiently and in a very high quality manner.

An example of one of our most popular round log post and beam packages, the Zajac Post and Beam (1400 sq.ft) cabin is built out of Western Red Cedar and has a very flexible floor plan, which can suit anyone’s needs.

The Zajac Post and beam cabin by Artisan Log Homes was originally designed to accommodate visiting doctors and support staff at the Zajac Ranch for Children during camp season but has become one of our more popular designs for our log home kits.


Handcrafted using our unique Western Red Cedar flare butt posts that are pre-cut to accept any style of siding for a seamless connection, the main log structure was built with B.C interior, winter cut Engleman Spruce. The second story is a ¾ loft with a large vaulted area overlooking the living room.

This log package supplied by Artisan includes:

•    All main floor and second story round log posts cut to fit siding and 2×6 wall panels.

•    Two rounds of hand scribed log work with all wall flats and roof pitches cut as per plan.

•    A complete log truss cut to fit glass panels, accentuating and providing natural light to the vaulted area below.

•    All framed exterior wall panels as per plan.

•    Labor for re-assembly.

The Zajac Post and Beam log cabin is just one of the many great log home kits offered by Artisan Log Homes. Whether your log home is local or in the far corners of our country, our complete log home kits will help you save money, save time and ultimately help you enjoy your new log home sooner than you ever expected.

Please contact us for more information about our complete log home kits.