Artisan Log Homes Have Positive Health Benefits

At Artisan Log Homes, we have always believed that living in a custom BC log home can have positive effects on the health and well-being of our customers. Apparently, we’re not the only ones! Until now, not much has ever been said about the health benefits of a log home, though we keep hearing back how pleased our customers are and how much they love the look and feel of their custom BC log home built by Artisan log homes.  Just recently, however, a news article was published citing the positive benefits of a log home and the natural wood materials like those used in building our Artisan log homes.

Warning: A Log Home Can Have Positive Health Effects

Experience has shown that living in houses that consist largely of wood offer people health benefits.


In Finland, moisture safety and indoor air quality have become central issues due to the major publicity afforded to mould-ridden houses in the media. Another key argument for wood is that it is considered to be an aesthetically pleasing and calming material. According to research, wood also has a positive psychological effect. This is why logs became the building material for a neurological clinic and a children’s hospital in Japan.

A day-care centre was constructed from logs in France in order to offer the children the best possible growth environment. Numerous holiday villages and hotels constructed out of logs could market themselves as “health centres”.

As the planet’s population ages, demand for the material, which can even support care work, is rising. Architectural solutions based on modern solid wood structures, a tranquil colour scheme, a pleasant environment and wood as a construction material create aesthetic pleasure, increase peacefulness and therefore contribute to the well-being of both mind and body.

I dare to claim that the positive health effects of solid wood are undeniable, whichever corner of the world you look at it from.

Check out the original article here!

It’s always nice hear another source reinforcing our belief in the ability of wood to be a natural climate and moisture control. It’s especially great news for owners worried about the growth of mold. Moisture is always a concern in BC, with our often rainy seasons, and is definitely one of the reasons why purchasing one of our custom Artisan log homes is always a great choice.

With the unnatural products used in many modern homes, there can be many side effects that are not often advertised, the easy growth of mold being one of them. Mold can be devastating to the look of a house and the health of the occupants, particularly as it can be hard to detect the presence of mold until it becomes a huge issue. Not only is a BC log home built by Artisan Log Homes aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, but with our use of all natural materials, living in a log home built by Artisan Log Homes means that you will have a custom log home that not only looks great but is also comfortable, long lasting and great for your health! At Artisan Log Homes, we’d love to share more on why building a custom BC log home with Artisan log homes can be a healthy choice! Send us an email or call us to set up an appointment with us on how we can can build you the custom log home of your dreams!