Building A BC Log Home With Artisan Log Home Builders

Many of our customers search the world on the hunt for beautiful log homes. Looking for a log home builder that can then envision and construct the log home of their dreams, most people end up right here in BC with our experts at Artisan Log Home Builders. Below are listed some of the common questions that we are asked on why people end up choosing Artisan Log Homes and our professional team of log home builders.

So why choose a BC log home built by Artisan, the premier log home builders in BC?

Artisan Log Homes, and our team of experienced log home builders, have access to some of the largest, strongest and most beautiful building logs in the world.  We hand select all our logs specifically for your log home project.  Whether you choose to build your log home using Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir or Engelmann Spruce, our log home builders at Artisan take pride in offering the best quality logs that any BC log home builders can provide. You always know that you are getting a product that is top quality and will last for years to come.

How does Artisan Log Home Builders decide which type of log home species to use?

You decide. Each type of log home species has different characteristics, each with its own individual strengths. Character, beauty and longevity make Western Red Cedar one of the best BC log home species to build with and is the log style that we, as BC log home builders, enjoy working with the most. If you are primarily focusing on strength and continuity, Douglas Fir can be a great choice for your log home.  Spruce is known for its amazing strength to weight ratio and is the most economic BC log home species to build with. We will work with you every step of the way to determine which type of log home species fits your dreams and budget.

What’s the History of Artisan and BC Log Home Companies?

Our BC log home builders roots are descendents of the log home builders of the Scandinavian and Eastern European countries.  Many styles you see in current BC log home construction and used by BC log home builders like Artisan Log Homes, come from countries such as Sweden, Norway and Russia.  Since the turn of the century, log home builders styles and designs, as we know them, have changed dramatically. Yet one thing stays the same – we still build our log homes by hand. Artisan Custom Log Home Builders have been designing , creating and building log cabins and log structures throughout Canada, the US and Asia and Europe for over 30 years.  It may well be the oldest established log home construction company in Western Canada. With this type of history and experience, we can ensure that your dream log home will be everything you have envisioned.

How Does Artisan Log Homes Build Energy Efficiency Into Their Log Homes?

gasket in notchWith more demand for energy efficient, air tight homes, comes a higher standard in log construction. Artisan Log Home Builders are leaders when it come to energy efficient log homes built right here in BC. We’re proud of the quality craftsmanship and the attention to detail we pour into each one of the BC log homes we build. Each one of our BC built log homes uses double gaskets in every log wall laterals with a closed cell gasket to ensure an air tight connection.  They also insulate the lateral log groove with wool to add insulation value.  In addition, our expert Artisan log home builders cut groves in all their posts and beams where siding and building paper can neatly be concealed to create yet another air tight connection in the log home.

Whether you are building your new BC log home in Europe, Asia, the USA or right here in BC, we encourage you to do your research and choose the BC log home builders that are proven leaders in the industry.  Please feel free to contact Artisan Log Home Builders with any questions you might have .  We look forward to working with you.