Post and Beam Log Houses – Offering Charm and Flexibility

Offering a timeless simplicity and functionality, Post and Beam log houses are becoming an appealing alternative to the traditional full scribe log homes. With about 75% of all Artisan log homes being post and beam construction, this style of log home is ideal for the person or family who are currently thinking about building their dream log home but feel overwhelmed with the rustic-ness of traditional full scribe log homes. Introducing the splendor of exposed timber beams into a traditional style house, post and beam log houses allow homeowners to enjoy the look and feel of a log house while still allowing for flexibility in design, look and style of a modern wood house.

While the traditional full scribe log homes are better known due to their distinctive look, there are many advantages to a traditional style house incorporating a post and beam construction style:

  1. Flexibility of the floor plan and design – Let your creativity flow with Artisan Log Homes! Post and beam construction designs can be incorporated or used to achieve any type of house you can envision. You can integrate a variety of corners, layered roof pitches, prow fronts, engineered trusses, octagons, triangles, and more. The design possibilities are almost endless.
  2. Ease of construction on-site – With most post and beam construction, trades such as plumbers, electricians, HVAC, and gas fitters can complete the job of outfitting your house in the same fashion they would with a conventionally framed house. There are no additional challenges, specialty work or settling concerns in a post and beam construction that you would find in conventional full scribe log home.
  3. Cost effective – Generally speaking, post and beam log shells cost about 30% less than their fully scribed cousin. Because there are less logs being used and the method of construction is less labor intensive, post and beam construction will typically cost you less.
  4. Flexibility of building products – Post and beam log house typically utilize conventionally framed 2×6 walls in between the vertical posts.  These walls are then wired, plumbed and insulated normally, then covered with your choice of interior and exterior finishing products.  As with traditional houses, these products can include wood siding, sidewall shingles, cement board siding or a stone veneer.  The interior walls are normally finished with drywall. Artisan Log Homes also cut grooves in all our posts and beams for a seamless weather tight connection between the siding and the logs.
  5. Efficient construction on site – Canadian Log Home Builders, Artisan Log Homes offers complete framed wall and roof panels with all their post and beam log homes.  This means that after 4 days of re-assembly your house is ready for the roof to be installed.

To maintain the natural charm and overall strength of your new post and beam log home, Artisan log homes still utilize large diameter winter cut Western Red Cedar, Spruce or Doug Fir logs.

Post and Beam log houses are not only a cost-effective, efficient and flexible way to build with logs, but are also a visually stunning addition to any neighborhood combining the coziness and warmth of traditional full scribe log homes with the appeal, space and creative avenues of a traditional home! If you have always wanted a custom log home but were worried about not being able to strike a balance between a traditional home and a traditional log style, a post and beam style house can help you realize your goal of building the custom log house of your dreams! Contact Artisan Log Homes for more details.