A new year is a fresh start, and where better to begin than right at home? It’s time to update the old and bring in the latest design trends.

The good news is that 2016’s more neutral, airy decor choices continue into 2017. However, this year’s style adds some bold and natural accents to create contrast in rooms.

You can expect to see more interiors that complement rustic charm with urban fashion, which is a nice fit for log or timber framed homes.

Here are the top home design trends to watch for in 2017:

Urban farmstead

A log or timber framed home defines this trend perfectly, mixing natural elements with urban accents. Organic wooden countertops and cupboards compliment clean white walls and floors, especially in kitchens. In the bathroom, natural stone, like marble flooring, contrasts with grey or black metallic fixtures and frames. (1)

2017 Home Design Trends - Urban farmstead

Beige is back

This isn’t your parents’ beige. New, modern, airy shades are emerging. The reinvented versions keep the cozy warmth of blankets without the stuffy dated feeling. From furnishings to decorative wall paneling, homes will incorporate cooler shades of this classic colour. (1)

2017 Home Design Trends - Beige is back

Yellow brightens up rooms

This cheerful colour is showing up more and more in design magazines. However, you won’t need your sunglasses. Bold yellows will only be used as accents, such as on cupboard doors. On whole walls, happy, muted shades will bring subtle sunrise shades inside. (2)

2017 Home Design Trends yellow brightens accent in kitchen

Greenery wins colour of the year

Pantone released its most popular colour of 2016: Greenery. As a continuation to the natural tone trends above, 2017 will have more green in colour palettes. Try it in a living room to create a calming oasis. (2)

2017 Home Design - green

Wilderness on the walls

Wall paper is a quick way to change the look of any room. Unlike 2016’s bold patterns and geometric prints, botanical designs are trending this year. Trees, flowers and artistic hand drawn pieces will bring inspiration from the wild to your walls. (2)

2017 Home Design Trends - Wilderness on the walls

Bold backsplashes, romantic retreats

Pops of prominent colour in the kitchen, especially using tile backsplashes, contrast nicely with white surfaces and natural wood accents.2 In the bedroom, however, homeowners are split between more “intimate” or “cozy” tones. Some are choosing tranquil pastels while others select romantic reds and rich browns. (1)

2017 Home Design - Bold Backs plash

DIY decor

Last year was a year of reclaimed and refinished furniture, and 2017 will step it up a notch. This time it’s less about rebuilding and more about repurposing. For instance, imagine converting a dresser into a bathroom vanity for a splash of unexpected interest. (1)

2017 Home Design Trends - DIY Decor

This year, homes embrace the peace of the outdoors, the city’s style, and colours that set the mood.

Gone are the days of dark “cabin-like” log homes. Like 2017’s decor, modern timber framed homes incorporate the latest finishings with timeless natural accents.

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