Are you considering building a custom log home? Why not explore using a Canadian log homes builder?

Over the years we have designed, built and exported a number of custom log and timber homes to the United States and abroad. If you live in the US and have always wanted to build a custom log and timber home right now is the perfect time to build. With the current exchange rate you could save up to 25 or 35 percent on your custom home. This article will highlight some of the cost advantages of buying Canadian log homes.  

How Much Will a Canadian log Home Cost With the Current Exchange Rate?

When it comes to building a custom log home honestly, the sky is the limit. Depending on the style of home you are building (full scribe log home, Timber Frame, Post and Beam or Hybrid), the cost can vary. Other factors that can adjust the price include: specific features, square footage, transportation and other additional add on’s.

To help give you a baseline, here is a quick breakdown of cost per square footage in Canadian Dollars:

  • Timber Frame Log Home: $45 – $75 Canadian per square foot
  • Post and Beam Log Home: $45 – $75 Canadian per square foot
  • Full Scribe Log Home Shell: $60 – $150 Canadian per square foot

With the current exchange rate in September 2016 it means that you could be saving up to 35%.

To view the entire cost article and compare log home styles click here.

Another huge savings when purchasing from a Canadian log home builder and importing it into the USA is that there is no 5% Canadian sales tax.  So your log home package is tax free.  *Please check with individual state laws to understand if there are any import taxes involved.

Calculate Your Log Home Savings

To calculate these estimated costs into US funds and see the potential savings you can use an currency exchange tool.

Visit the Bank of Canada Currency Converter for the latest posted exchange rates.

For many of our clients cost becomes a big factor in deciding what to build and who will help you build it. If you would like to discuss your plans and ideas further fell free to contact us.

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