When you start planning and designing your custom log home you are likely to turn to some luxury log home designs and plans for inspiration, but what is the difference between a luxury log home compared to a custom-built log home?

Luxury Log Home

A luxury custom log home is a one of a kind home. A luxury log home tends to not only be a custom design, but every element from the flooring, bathroom faucets and showers to the bedroom closet and kitchen sink are built specifically for this one and only home.
When building a luxury log home you can expect to have a very large budget due to the quality and customization required for each detail in the home. The cost per square foot is significantly higher due to the fact that you are ordering premium products and are unable to order items in bulk. The time frame to complete the project can also be much longer as you have to wait for each item to be built specifically for the project.

Large staircase entrance that spits into two stair cases at top

If you plan to build a luxury log home you will want to ensure you have the financing to do so. Some financial institutions can make lending a bit difficult because in some cases the value of a luxury log home can depreciate faster then custom built or standard homes.

Custom Log Home

If you don’t have the pocket book to ensure every element of your log home is luxury designed just for you, then a custom log home may be better suited for your needs. A custom log home can give you the benefit of both worlds, designing a home that is custom to you and your family’s needs, while saving some money in the process.

Rivard Front Deck in final stages of construction

At Artisan, all of our log homes are custom designed to meet your needs. You can look at current designs and plans to get ideas and inspiration but we will always customize the final plans with the details needed to make your home your own. Even if you find a design that is exactly what you want there are always little customizations due to climate, location or species of wood. No two custom log homes are identical. When it comes to materials and amenities feel free to go for the cheapest, middle or top of the line on the things that matter to you.

We all dream of having a luxury log home but for most of us having a custom built log home that we can call our own is really all that we are looking for.

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If you would like to know more or have any questions about custom log homes. Please feel free to visit our Log Home 101 section or contact us at info@artisanlog.com.