Log Home Kits: Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to building a log home, you have numerous choices as to how you want to build the house. You can build a custom log and timber home through a builder like Artisan Log Homes, buy a pre-built log shell, or take all the responsibility of erecting your log home on a DIY basis. It’s highly unlikely you can go out in the woods, cut down trees and turn them into perfect logs for your dream house (although there are some skilled individuals that can do this). If you are looking for the best way to build your own log home we suggest researching a log home kit. The cost of building a custom log home using a kit can be much smaller than buying a custom built home. We do not offer log home kits, but we do get a number of questions about them so in this article we will outline some of the advantages and disadvantages of log home kits.

What is a Log Home Kit?

Log home kits are log packages that contain everything that you need to erect your log home right from the beginning. However, a kit only helps you build the basic skeleton of your house but is not a finished home. You have to spend additional money to get the flooring, cabinetry, and other finishing done. In simple words, log home kits are disassembled log homes that you have to assemble based on the instructions that come with the package. An important thing to keep in mind that many elements that are a compulsory part of one company’s log home kit might not even be required in the kit of some other company.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Log Home Kits

The Advantages of Log Home Kits

The first big advantage of a log home kit is affordability. Building a log home using a kit might cost you 1/3rd of the price of buying a finished home, depending on the package. Furthermore, kits allow you to build your house the way you want. When buying finished products, you have to be content with what you are getting at the price you are paying. Making any changes to the existing structure will add to your cost. On the other hand, you build your log home from the scratch using a kit and this helps you personalize your home according to your specific needs.

Another big advantage of using kits to build log homes is that you get some construction experience. By following the assembly instructions that come with the package, you can build your house with your hands even if you haven’t done that before. Yes, the final product might not be as cleanly finished as you would want but you will learn a lot.

The Disadvantages of Log Home Kits

It is true that the cost of building a log home will be much less when you go the kit route compared to what you have to spend on an already finished house. However, a house built with a kit is not finished. Installing the flooring, electrical materials, plumbing, etc. will eventually add up and take your costs higher. If you are good at budgeting, you can still save money on building your log home with your hands.

The second disadvantage if you haven’t done any construction work before, you might find the process to be frustrating and if you run into problems during the construction of your home it may be a challenge. There have been numerous stories of people building their own log home kit, making a wrong cut or selecting the wrong log and having to spend days or weeks fixing their mistakes.

Depending on the design and customization that you are looking for with your log home you may be limited to the design options. Many companies have set plans and designs for you to choose from and don’t allow for some customizations in their log home kit packages.


At the end of the day it comes down to your personal preference and choice when building a custom log home. If you want the gratification of building your home with your bare hands a log home kit can be great. If you want to be involved in the process but not be the one hammering in the nails working with a reputable contractor that involved you in the process may provide you the gratification you want without the added stress.

Regardless of your decision, the most important thing is to do your research and pull together a detailed budget and timeline.

As mentioned above, we don’t offer log home kits but can provide timbers and log shells in addition to our custom log and timber homes. If you are wanting to get a sense of the budget required to build a custom log home we have put together a FREE log home budget worksheet for you to help plan your build.