Turnkey Log and Timber Homes

For many years Artisan Log Homes has been allowing their clients piece of mind by offering complete project management and turnkey services for local jobs and the option of bringing homes to lock up for out of town projects.

Local project

Do you really want to build your dream home, but don’t really know where to start?  Let us help you.  Artisan Log Homes will work closely with your general contractor to complete your home..  This can start as early as helping you find the right piece of land to build your dream home on.  Once the land is purchased we help guide you through the design and planning stages followed by permit application.  During this time, we complete a very comprehensive budget to ensure your new home hits your target.  Once construction begins, rest assured that we only use sub-trades (electricians, plumbers etc.) that are very familiar with log and timber homes, this is very important as certain conditions must be met to ensure your house is built properly and efficiently.  We look forward to starting your new home!

Out of town project

About 90% of our log and timber homes are located more than 100km from our home base in Mission BC.  We have built homes across North America and as far away as Turino Italy, and Osaka Japan.  If your new log house is located in North America we often include pre-framed wall panels and roof panels.  The main advantage to this, is achieving a weather tight home in a very quick timeframe.  Our average log home will take about 3 days to re-assemble and another day to install the roof panels!  This means it can be weather tight within 2 weeks of delivery.

Finding a good general contractor to help with your new log home or Timber Frame can sometimes be a challenge.  Don’t worry we have a great network of experienced contractors that may be able to help you out.  Or if you are a “do it your selfer” and plan to build your own log or timber house, we strive to produce a very “user-friendly” log home.  This means you shouldn’t have to pick up a chainsaw once we complete the re-assembly.  We will have pre-cut all your window and door openings, all your siding slots and drywall slots, and include a very comprehensive “how to” finish your log home properly.  We look forward to helping you achieve your new Artisan dream home.

Have Questions?

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