Italian Elevated Cabins

Located in the Western Alps of Italy, these 2 elevated post and beam cabins that we built in 2017 have become a destination for many local and international visitors as a must-visit B&B build for all seasons.  The vision behind these two cabins is to offer a purely natural environment for the guests to stay in.  The entire structure and the majority of the finishing materials are made with 100% wood.  On the interior, there is no stain or paint used and no plastics, thus no off-gassing.  Guests will also enjoy light homemade meals made with locally sourced food and produce, most of which comes directly from our clients’ property.  Artisan built these 2 cabins from start to completion.  All the building material was exported from Canada then re-assembled in Italy by 4 expert builders from our team.  If you ever find yourself travelling through Italy, these cabins are definitely worth checking out. Visit their Italian website here.

Project Details

  • Log work style: Round log Post and Beam using large-diameter natural flared butt Western Red Cedar
  • Species of logs: Large diameter Western Red Cedar
  • Sq.ft: 256 + deck
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • # of stories: 1
  • Primary building material: Western Red Cedar