Pioneers of Log Homes

851A2368In 1973, at the ripe old age of 19, Rob Littler, founder of Artisan Log Homes bought a piece of land in Northern B.C, and a log building book by B. Allan Mackie. Some thought he was crazy, but he had a vision of becoming a builder of pioneer log homes. He soon had a permit to fell some local trees on crown land, bought a 1947 Dodge Power Wagon and went to work. It took a couple of years and some pioneering initiatives until one of his first ever pioneer log homes ever came to fruition.  In true spirit of pioneer log homes, Rob fell the trees within a small radius of his land, skidded them down the trails and proceeded to cut them by axe and an old heavy chainsaw. He also rigged up a high line to lift the logs into place.

As you can imagine, there was a lot of learning going on every day at the house site. Pick the log, peel the log, set the log, scribe the log and finally insulate it and fit into place and repeat. It’s interesting to think that the pioneer log home builders built their pioneer log homes essentially the same way as we do today. Of course, we have modern technologies and techniques to help us, lighter and more powerful chainsaws, accurate log scribing devices and modern gasket techniques.

Being a builder of pioneer log homes, Rob Littler has been instrumental in helping develop the log home industry.  Rob built one of the first log home peeling machines many years ago. He has also made a very innovative log house lath for efficient post and beam construction, now a second generation pioneering log home company. His son Josh believes in being very active in the log house industry and sits on the board of directors for both the International Log Builders Association and the BC Log and Timber Framers Association.

We were one of first B.C builders of pioneer log homes and we have continued innovating, allowing us to become the foremost pioneer log home leader now. This is why Artisan Log Homes is at the forefront of modern log home construction.

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