What’s Included

Custom design work by Artisan Log Homes includes (but is not limited to) all of the following items:

3D modeling and renderings of the exterior and isometric views.

4 exterior rendering.

4 isometric rendering and an online guided walk around the exterior.

  • Cover page with general notes, building information, drawing legend and renderings.
  • Site plan.
  • All four elevations.
  • Basement structural wall plan.
  • First floor plan.
  • Roof framing plan.
  • Complete custom construction details (concrete, framing, finishing details, etc.).
  • Typical log details.
  • A minimum of 2 full cross sections of the finished home.
  • Electrical plans for all floors with construction details and notes.
  • Window and door schedules.
  • 1 hidden line isometric view.

Note: Extra design work on Stock Plans is billed at $70 / hr.

Cold Lake Rivard family
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