Wisconsin Log Homes: A Home Owners Dream

Recently Artisan Log Homes of BC had the privilege in exporting a Western Red Cedar Post and Beam log home to Wisconsin.  This Wisconsin log home was designed and built in British Columbia, Canada using the finest Western Red Cedar available.  The homeowners, who grew up in Northern Wisconsin, contacted Artisan Log Homes in 2012 with their ideas, log home sketches and a dream to build a Post and Beam log home on their family’s homestead.  After about 3 months of designing, their dream log home in Wisconsin was getting closer to reality.

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Bringing the Outdoors In

Murray Arnott, from Murray Arnott Design, had a great post the other day on design elements that can bring more of the outdoors into the interior of your custom log home. He graciously allowed us to post his ideas here on our blog:

Our connection to the earth is an obvious one.  Yet many of us live our lives and design our homes so that we are anything but connected to nature.  We might leave an air conditioned office through a underground garage, drive home in an air conditioned automobile, park in a heated garage, come into the house directly without feeling the outside air on our face, without smelling a natural fragrance.  I have been very lucky in that I have lived in many homes with wonderful settings:  views of gardens, forests, mountains or oceans.  I work at home, with large windows opening up to beautiful maple trees and often eat my lunches under their shade.  But, I too often spend an entire day inside without ever stepping into the outside air.

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The Hybrid Log Home

“Square timbers and round logs collide”

For as long as we can remember, most of our clients wanted either traditionally built custom log home, using large diameter round logs or a Timber Frame, and over-sized square timbers. Both share similarities such as strength, warmth and the sense of peace and nature. However, once we get past the similarities, their differences start to appear. Traditional custom log homes are built using stacked horizontal logs, round posts and beams, with all wall logs hand scribed and cut to fit one on top of each other. All perimeter walls are log, while the interior walls are usually a combination of logs and framed walls. There is wood everywhere you look. On the other side of the coin, Timber Frame homes are built using large square, rectangular and curved post and timbers. The Timber Frame super structure is than in-filled or framed around using conventional framing methods.

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Finding the Perfect Log Home Kit

Did you know that Artisan Log Homes offers complete log home kits? While some of our customers look to Artisan Log Homes to create a custom log home, many of our clients are looking for a solution that is simple, affordable and can be completed in a short amount of time.

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