Log Structures and Cracked Logs

If you have ever stayed in an older log cabin, especially one out in a remote location, you probably noticed a few cracks in the wood. When you build a log home or cabin a few cracks will appear in the wood over the first few years. We are often asked if these cracks are a concern and this article will answer that question.

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Getting Your Log Home Ready For Winter

Whether you live in a wet winter climate or a cold and snow blanketed one, your log home needs to be ready for old man winter. Maintenance is key to the upkeep of your home and will help ensure that your home doesn’t start to create rot, water leaks and other conditions that can affect your home. Read more

4 Styles of Post and Beam Log Homes

There are many different styles and variations of log homes. Each builder has their own unique style and technique. The most popular home that Artisan Log Homes builds is post and beam.

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Recap: International Log Builders Association Conference 2015

Every year the International Log Builders Association hosts a conference allowing builders, designers, inspectors, marketing companies and other professionals in the Industry to come together learn, network and share a few drinks.

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