11 Tiny House Building Tips and Hacks

Over the last few years Tiny Homes have become a big buzz. For many single and first-time homebuyers a tiny space makes sense. In parts of British Columbia where the cost of purchasing property requires a small fortune, tiny homes can be a great alternative. Read more

What is the difference between prefab and a custom log homes

If you have ever driven by a log yard you may have seen a number of timber structures being built on site. Because of this notation that log homes are built on site and then taken down and shipped to their destination they often get confused as being prefab homes.Read more

Why are log homes built in a log yard?

It’s a pretty amazing site to drive by a log yard and see some of the massive timbers on site and watch as crews of craftsmen build beautiful custom log homes.

Recently, we were asked why we build everything in our log yard and not at the future location of the home. Some custom log builders will build the entire project on-site but it isn’t very common for a few reasons.Read more

5 Benefits of Building a Log Home or Cabin

Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with numerous clients from around the world. Regardless of whether they were building a log cabin, log home, timber frame, post-and-beam or a hybrid, they all seemed to love the same qualities that each home offered.Read more