How Construction Mortgages Work

Understanding the difference between construction mortgages and traditional mortgages

Buying any home usually requires financing. When it comes to building a custom home you may require additional financing options such as a construction mortgage.

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2017 Home Design Trends: Log and Timber Homes

A new year is a fresh start, and where better to begin than right at home? It’s time to update the old and bring in the latest design trends.Read more

Post and Beam Log Home Shell for Sale


Thank you to everyone that shared and inquired about this log shell. It has officially been sold. If you would like to learn more about other similar designs feel free to contact us

Have you always wanted to own a custom log or timber home?

Artisan Log and Timber Homes has an amazing opportunity for you to own your dream post and beam log home at a significantly discounted price.

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2016 Review: Log and Timber Homes

Where has the year gone? 2016 has been a busy and exciting year for the A Team. We had the pleasure of building homes for clients in the United States, across Western Canada and two log cabins in Italy. We traveled some beautiful countryside, completed some stunning projects and met some great people along the way.

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4 Common Questions about Timber Frame and Log Home Joinery

There’s more than one way to join two timbers. When it comes to timber frame and log home joinery, strength is priority number one and then it comes down to your own personal style. The joinery and fasteners you select will depend on engineering specifications, structural needs, your budget and, as always, the look you want for your home.

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7 Considerations for Building your Timber Frame Home

Congratulations, you’ve decided to build the timber frame home of your dreams! Now, what can you do to make sure it gets built just right? Here are seven considerations that you can use to ensure your new home is built to match your style, budget, and design needs.Read more

How to Select the Best Wood to Build your Timber Frame Home

What wood will create the look I want for my timber frame home? Which tree species is most durable to build with? How much will it cost? These are the most common questions we get asked by clients as they decide on the right timber for their home.

We previously wrote an article on the best type of wood to build a log home, you can read the article here. Timber frame and log homes are different, so wood selection may vary for each.  Read more

Best Timber Frame Builders in BC

Looking at building timber home and want to know who the best timber frame builders in B.C. are?

Timber Frame builders in BC are some of the best builders in the world. If you are in the market for building a custom timber frame home chances are you will be looking for a builder in BC.

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Building a Home on a Slope: Pros and Cons

Here in British Columbia and around the world, most of the land is far from flat, and you don’t have to travel at length to see countless homes seemingly floating on mountainsides. Even so, you may be feeling wary when considering whether to build your home on a slope or not. To help you with your decision, we’ve laid out the pros and cons of building on a slope, what to look for, what to avoid and the alternatives available to you.Read more

Building a Luxury Log Home vs a Custom Log Home

When you start planning and designing your custom log home you are likely to turn to some luxury log home designs and plans for inspiration, but what is the difference between a luxury log home compared to a custom-built log home?Read more