Jordan Littler

Craftsman poses with chainsaw for staff photoBeing five years younger than his older twin brothers, Jordan developed a strong personality early on. In 1992, when he was six years old, he insisted on receiving a cordless drill for Christmas. It became the first cordless drill Artisan ever had! Most afternoons you could find Jordan driving screws into the firewood in the basement. Now, many cordless drills later, Jordan is the lead foreman at the log yard. His passion revolves around making logs fit perfectly every time! Being a log home builder also requires many other skills—he’s an avid welder and can fix nearly every piece of equipment in the log yard.

Interesting Facts

Recently Jordan took courses on log truss construction and complex roof layout.

Often in the summer months, Jordan’s seven-year-old son Jonathan can be found at the yard driving screws into firewood… any guesses on what he’ll be doing in a few years?



Greatest Accomplishment

Jordan is newly engaged to his fiancé Nadine with plans for a 2015 wedding in Mexico.