The Advantages of BC Log Home Builders

One of the things that we enjoy most about building log homes is the amazing people we get to meet around the world. British Columbia (BC) is home to some of the world’s best log home builders and is often a first choice for many families looking to build a custom home. The advantages of BC log home builders include the natural resources we have to work with and the skilled craftsmen that we have on our team.

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6 Key Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Home Builder

When it comes to hiring a custom home builder to help you build your dream home, you want to make sure that you get the right team to help you. We have all heard terrible stories of projects not being completed to standards; or, even worse, not finished at all. Hiring a builder is a big investment so you want to make sure you cover all your bases and ask the right questions. Here are 6 key questions to ask before hiring a home builder. Read more

Advantages of Buying Your Log Home in Canada

If you are living in the US and exploring options for building a new log home or cabin, now is a great time for you to consider purchasing one from British Columbia, Canada. You may be wondering what the benefits are for purchasing across the border compared to buying one locally—great question!

There are a number of advantages of buying your log home in Canada, but we want to share the top two with you:Read more