Recap: International Log Builders Association Conference 2015

Every year the International Log Builders Association hosts a conference allowing builders, designers, inspectors, marketing companies and other professionals in the Industry to come together learn, network and share a few drinks.

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Chateau Montebello: One of the Oldest Timber Structures in North America

We just came back from this year’s International Log Builders Conference. This year was the 42nd annual conference and was held at the Chateau Montebello – Montebello, Quebec, Canada. The Chateau Montebello is celebrating over 85 years in the community and is one of the oldest Timber structures and largest full scribe log structures in North America. Constructing this now hotel, took over 10,000 logs and 500,000 hand-slit roof shanks.

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The Advantages of BC Log Home Builders

One of the things that we enjoy most about building log homes is the amazing people we get to meet around the world. British Columbia (BC) is home to some of the world’s best log home builders and is often a first choice for many families looking to build a custom home. The advantages of BC log home builders include the natural resources we have to work with and the skilled craftsmen that we have on our team.

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Feature Project: Building a Log Home in Italy

Over the years we have helped numerous homeowners build their dream log cabin or home. One project that stands out was one we call the “Italian Job”.

Due to the high energy standards in Europe, there are not many log home structures. Western Canada is one of the few places in the world able to provide the size of timber required to meet these standards. Read more